1. How much does it cost to send SMS in DKM SMS?

Please click HERE to view our pricing page.

2. What is the minimum I can purchase?

No minimum purchase. Buy any amount you want!

3. Do you deliver SMS to all the networks in Nigeria?

Yes, we do. We deliver to MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat, Starcomms, Visafone, and Multilinks.

4. Can I send bulk SMS abroad using DKM SMS?

Yes, you can but you have to request for the country you want to send bulk SMS to for it to be enabled for you. Here's the countries and their respective networks we cover.

5. Do you charge the same price for SMS sent outside abroad?

No. It varies. Contact us for current pricing.

6. Can I recharge my bulk SMS account on weekends?

Yes. You can recharge your DKM bulk SMS account anytime, any day. Monday to Sunday. 247.

7. How do I send bulk SMS using your platform?

For a detailed guide on how to send bulk SMS on DKM SMS click here to visit our Help Section.

8. Will my SMS units expire?

No. Never. It has Life-time validity. You can use it anytime you like.

9. Can I send bulk SMS from my phone using DKM SMS?

Oh yes! We have the technology that allows you to do just that.

10. Do you double charge for SMS sent to MTN lines?

No. For more clarification, visit our pricing page to see what we charge accordingly.

11. Can I transfer SMS units to another member in your platform?

Yes, you can.

12. How many numbers can I send SMS to at once?

You can send to thousands of numbers at once. 

13. How long is one page of SMS?

One page of sms is 160 characters. 

14. Do you deliver two- or more page SMS fully?

Yes, we do. However, your recipients' phone type is also a factor in determining whether it will be fully delivered without showing "missing text." This can be proved by the simple fact that even when someone sends you SMS from any of the networks in Nigeria, you sometimes get "missing text" telling you that there are still some texts yet to be delivered as part of the message. It usually gets delivered later. You can test it now on DKM SMS.

15. How many sender's ID can I use?

It's unlimited. You can use different sender IDs for different SMS you send.

16. What is the length of the sender ID?

It's eleven (11) characters including spaces. For example, the name James Brown is 10 letters, the space in between the name makes it 11.

17. Can I change my password?

Yes, you can. Click on forget password on the home page.


18. If I pay now, how long does it take for my account to be credited?

If you pay online, you'll be automatically credited. If you pay via bank, immediately we get your text informing us of your payment, we will credit your account instantly.

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