SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing Product and Services Promotion

An increasingly important tool in the promotion of business products and services is the creation of a database of opt-in mobile phone subscribers.

The comparatively low cost makes Bulk SMS Marketing an effective alternative to traditional advertising media such as print and radio. Recipients are also much more likely to take notice of an SMS campaign rather than email, even if they have opted in for both.

Build an Opt-in Database

The database can be built up manually by asking enquirers and existing clients if they wish to be included in a 'SMS Newsletter' database, at the point of sale in a retail outlet when purchases are being made, by seeking opt-in subscribers via a web site, or by advertising a keyword and mobile number on all your marketing material, such as 'Text HOLIDAY to 887766 to receive the latest great offers from The Vacation Centre'.

SMS Marketing to opt-in database is an effective Product and Services Promotional Tool


Inform Customers

An opt-in SMS Marketing database can be used to inform customers in a variety of areas such as special offers, news events, product launches, service updates, company appointments, stock prices and so on.

The service involves no cost to the subscriber, is low cost to the business, and maintains a connection with customers. As subscribers have opted-in to receive marketing material via SMS the service is not spam and meets regulatory requirements. The sending of SMS to mobile phones that have not opted in to receive information is not legal and is considered spam.


SMS Marketing Effectiveness

There are a variety of reasons why SMS Marketing is gaining in popularity with businesses. Cost effectiveness is primary as the cost per SMS is very low, even when compared with the cost of a phone call, and especially when compared with Print media, Radio and TV. As the texts can be sent out in bulk, little effort is required to communicate with your customers.


The immediacy of SMS Marketing is also a factor as your customers will usually carry their mobile phones with them and as such can be reached almost immediately. With mobile phone ownership now so prevalent, the reach of SMS Marketing can be very high.


SMS recipients need to open an SMS even to delete it and as an SMS needs to be short it is very likely to be read. Consequently your message will be seen and the contents absorbed.


SMS Marketing Uses

Product Launches
Service Updates
Special Offers
Marketing Promotions
SMS Competitions
News Events
Information Bulletins
Appointment Reminders
Internal Communications
Event Management



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