Churches are making use of bulk sms in amazing ways to win souls, edify her members, and grow the church. In what ways do they use it?

Here are twenty powerful ways they utilize it for you to take a cue from…

1. Invite all prospects in your community to your outreach programs: You can now utilize all those numbers you’ve been collecting every year, every time you evangelize. What’s more, we have millions of Nigerian phone numbers arranged by states and local government areas, you can send invitation to those in your local government area.

2. Mobilize members for evangelism: You can use bulk SMS to create excitement and motivate your members to turn out en masse for evangelism.

3. Automatically follow-up on prospects: You can schedule your follow-up messages to be delivered at different dates and times. This will nurture the relationship with your prospect and demonstrate that you are really serious about their spiritual well-being.

4. Send weekly reminders to prospects: You can use bulk SMS to remind prospects of your meeting days and time and invite them to see how you worship.

5. Follow-up on first-time visitors who are unbelievers: Most churches don’t have a follow-up system for first-time visitors. You can use bulk SMS to automate this and solve the problem.

6. Thank first-time visitors who are unbelievers for visiting you: This will make them feel important.

7. Invite prospects to your subsequent church programs: After getting your prospects’ phone numbers, you can get back to them via bulk sms when you have church programs. And by so doing, you’re gaining a share of their minds and they are likely to be converted this way than when you don’t stay in church with them at all.

8. Refer prospects to your Church’s website: Today, most people spend about 60% of their time online. You can take advantage of this fact by referring prospects via bulk SMS to your Church’s website to learn more of your church, the gospel, and her ultimate salvation.

9. Refer your prospects to your TV and radio programs: TV and radio have enormous power and credibility. By referring prospects there, you’ll be taking advantage of the Law of Authority and Credibility.

10. Nurture new converts: New converts in the faith need to be nurtured with the sincere milk of the Word instead of just throwing them into the fray to eat bones with adults in the faith. You can use bulk SMS to make this happen in addition to other methods. You can even automate it!

11. Orientate new converts: There are policies in place in your church that new converts need to know among other things, you can use bulk SMS to do this.

12. Shape members’ thoughts: For instance, you could shape their thoughts about giving much, praying always, marrying in the Lord, and so on.

13. Daily devotional bible verse: Help members start the day on a positive note and end it on a hopeful note.

14. Bible reading of the day: Help your members read through the entire bible in a year.

15. Happy birthday wishes/prayer: Show your members you care about important days in their lives by sending them birthday wishes/prayer using bulk SMS. After all, the bible says we should rejoice with those who rejoice. You can even schedule it to be delivered on their birthdays so that you don’t forget it.

16. Send out special prayer points for members to pray about e.g. for a sick member: This will demonstrate to all members that the Church cares & the ceaseless collective prayers of the saints work wonders!

17. Weekly activities reminders: Get maximum attendance by sending out motivational reminders about your bible class, women class, song practice, vigil, fasting and prayer meetings, youth class, visiting, committee meetings, ministry meetings, and so on.

18. Annual lectureship or conference invitation: Are you holding an annual lecture or conference? Save cost and succeed in getting massive attendance to your annual lectureships and seminars like youth lectureship, women lectureship, general bible lectureship, etc.

19. Monthly roster dissemination: Send officiating members what they are to do in the month. This is very effective because it will stay in their phones and they will get it whether they are in worship or not.

20. Send time-sensitive information: At times you want to send out time-sensitive information like event cancellation, meeting resolutions, and so on to your members, you don’t have to wait for the next meeting day. You can now do it instantly and it will get to all your members wherever they are.

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