What is DKMSMS web-view?
ANS: Web-view is an option that allows you to send sms on your website or your desktop without having to write any code or enter your password.

How can i put web-view on my website?
ANS: Copy the embed code and add it as html on the page you want it to show on your website.

How can i put web-view on my desktop?
ANS: Click on Download as HTML File button and download on your desktop. To run it, double click on the downloaded file

Is web-view secure?
ANS: You should only put your web-view code on a page that is not accessible to the public on your website. Anybody with access to your web-view code will be able to send sms from your account the same way anybody with access to your username and password can send SMS from your DKMSMS account.

What if someone gets access to my web-view code by mistake?
ANS: Click on ReGenerate Web-view Token. All previous web-view codes will stop working once a new one is generated for you.
Do not share your web-view codes if you do not want any other person to send SMS from your balance.

Can I disable web-view after it has been enabled?
ANS: Yes. Click on Disable Web-view button.

Do I need to login to use the generated web-view code?
ANS: No. You need to login to generate the code but you do not need to login to use the code once it is on your website.

Can a single web-view code work for multiple DKMSMS accounts?
ANS: No. You need to generate a different code for each account.

What is the usefulness of DKMSMS web-view?
ANS: Designated employees can use it to send SMS without knowing their employer's DKMSMS password.

NOTE: To get access to web-view setup, log into your account on the site, click on member control panel on the left hand side and scroll down and click on web-view and generate your code and download.

You can also get access to your phone book, draft messages, message history, transactions etc.


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