Welcome to DKMSMS.COM is an SMS advertising solution provider with passion to promote businesses and peoples' communication experience using MOBILE MESSAGING which is the fastest evolving communication channel on the planet . With our simple business process, technical depth, easy-to-use messaging platform, customer-centric products and solutions, you are guaranteed of a world class communication solution that will take your business, church, seminar, meetings, events, political and social campaign to the Next Level.

With our sms platform, be sure that you can reliably reach out to your customers, church members, friends, family, co-workers, customers, suppliers, course mates, students, parents, distributors and your team.

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 We have no hidden charges and we don't promise what we wont deliver. Our platform is built on the basis of integrity.

Our SMS platform offers the most unique features in sms technology. To corporate organizations and institutions, we are a platform to reach out.

To individuals, we are a friend that keeps you connected.

To SMS portals, we are partners in business.


Expanding your reach is all that matters at DKMSMS. You can market instantly and directly to your customers or group members, or alert them of offers, deals, meeting or change in arrangement.

Reach your customers via global SMS, on any mobile phone makes it easy for you to connect, interact and transact with your customers on their mobile phones, no matter where they’re located. We’re more than your run-of-the-mill bulk SMS service provider. We know that you want to grow your business, and to do so, you need to reach and engage with your customers. We can help you do that.

We're here to help and no matter the querry our best Expert will answer and solve it quickly and efficiently via phone, e-mail, simply pick up the phone. 234-706-6594-5747,

Our platform is 100% free to sign up and use, just pay for the texts you send. Our aim is to be the lowest cost provider of bulk SMS services in Nigeria. Our price and features shows we are doing well.


SMS units never expire and we easily use international standard premium networks to send your messages. Some companies delete your credits if they haven't been use in 12 months, which is unprofessional.


These & many other beautiful brands rely on our systems. Join us today!